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Generally, One of the major mistakes done by Indians is tolerance. Few people live with a new partner before attaining the divorce. Understand and Remember the Indian matrimonial law. In fact, It is illegal to live with other person when you are in a married life.

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Legal separation is essential to live with your new partner. Do not hesitate to protect your civil rights in conclusion. Never delay to proceed towards the bright future of new life. Hence apply for divorce if you are living with an unsuitable spouse.

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Property related issues are mostly connected to family disputes. One should make himself clear by getting legal opinion and advice from his Vakil regarding asset sharing. Problems regarding sharing of the jointly owned by spouses have to settled to ovoid complication.

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There are various issues which will arise due to difference of Opinion between the married couples. This can be avoided by legal mediation and counselling. We are leading Divorce Advocates in Chennai. Our family court law firm are best in family counselling services.

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