Annulment is a lawful method for proclaiming a marriage invalid and void. It is Except for bigamy marriage and not meeting the base age prerequisite for marriage. Yet, It is seldom conceded. A marriage is invalid and void if certain lawful necessities were not in the wedding.

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In the event that these lawful prerequisites were not met then it is not a lawful marriage according to the law. This procedure is nothing but Annulment. It is altogether different from separation. While a separation breaks down, a marriage that has existed repeal never existed by any means. In this manner not at all like separation, it is retroactive too. A repealed marriage is one that never exists in the like manner.

How to Get a Marriage Annulment?

The legal process for a marriage to be annulled is different than the process for a divorce. You must show that the marriage was never valid when it began.

There are several ways to show that your marriage was not valid. Some of these grounds include fraud or misrepresentation, incest, bigamy, lack of consent, and unsound mind.

You can also get an annulment if you or your spouse was mentally ill for more than five years, and you cannot be cured. In this situation, you can apply for a court order to dissolve your marriage.

Physical Incapacity - You can ask for an annulment of your marriage if you or your spouse were physically unable to consummate the relationship at the time of your wedding. You must have asked for the annulment within the first five years of your marriage, and you or your spouse must not have known about the incapacity at the time of the wedding.

Age Discrimination - If one of the parties was under the age of 18 when they entered the marriage, they may be able to obtain an annulment. The person must have been given the consent of a parent or guardian.

Fraud or Misrepresentation - You can get an annulment of your marriage if you lied to your partner about important facts in your life, such as the number of children you had or your financial status at the time of the wedding. You can also seek an annulment if you were forced to marry someone you did not want to marry, or if you were married to someone using the marriage for immigration purposes.

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Justification For Annulment

The justification for a marriage Annulment may shift as per the distinctive lawful locales. Though by and large restricted to misrepresentation & bigamy marriage. By the way, Blood relationship and mental inadequacy including the accompanying:

  1. If any of the life partners was at that point at the wedding to another person the during the marriage.
  2. Either life partner was too youthful to be in any way hitched. Excessively youthful without required court or parental assent as well. Now and again, such a marriage is still legitimate. In the same fashion, It proceeds well past the more youthful life partner’s achieving eligible age.
  3. If Either life partner is in the influence of medications or liquor in matrimonial life.
  4. Either life partner was rationally uncouth during the wedding.
  5. If the agreement to the marriage depended on misrepresentation or compel.
  6. Either life partner was physically unable to hitch. Ie., constantly not able to have sex at the period of the matrimonial life.
  7. There will be nullity of marriage as per by law if there is a blood relationship between the parties. This is the “denying level of connection”, or blood relationship between the matrimonial couple. The most widely recognizable legitimate relationship is second cousins. The lawfulness of such a relationship between first cousins changes far and wide.
  8. Moreover, Prisoners sentenced to a term of life detainment may not wed.
  9. Concealment (e.g. any of the parties in a medication habit. an Either earlier criminal record or having a sexually transmittable illness)

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