First of all, find a good lawyer who practice in family court for filing a divorce case. Get the full details of Divorce Case filing procedure in Chennai. Firstly Get legal advice to file a divorce case. Secondly Identify the family court Based on the jurisdiction through your lawyer. Thus the divorce application is ready, your attorney will invite you to file the case by party in person.

Divorce Case filing procedure

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The parties must be present before the judge in all hearing in certain. As a rule, Never be late to court which lead to too much delay to court proceedings. Ask top Lawyers for Divorce Case filing procedure in Tamil Nadu.

Procedure to file divorce Cases

Generally Convey your difficulties in your matrimonial life to your legal consultant. Never suppress any fact to your Divorce lawyer since it may be a good evidence or ground for divorce. As per Hindu marriage act, the couples should be separately living at least for a year.

Procedure to file divorce Cases

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As a result One should fulfill this condition. There after you can apply for divorce immediately after sending a legal notice to your spouse. The main need is to submit Address proof and ID proof. Most of all A pass port size photo, wedding card and wedding photo are also a must. Contact Top Lawyers for Divorce Case filing in Chennai.

What is the procedure to get a divorce in India?

Divorce can be granted in two type of processes :

  • Contested Divorce
  • Mutual Consent Divorce

Divorce By Mutual Consent in India

Separation by Mutual Consent is when both the gatherings concur for a tranquil Legal Separation. It is a basic method for leaving the Marriage and breaks up it lawfully. The fundamental part of such a Divorce is the Mutual Consent of the spouse and wife.

Alimony or Maintenance issues

There are sure viewpoints to which the Husband and Wife need to arrive at an agreement. The first is the Alimony or Maintenance issues. According to Law, there is no base or most extreme farthest point of Maintenance. It could be any figure. Another thought is Child Custody. Both the gatherings need to go to an agreement over these two themes.

Joint Divorce Petition

Divorce by Mutual Consent can be recorded when the couple have been living independently for at any rate 1 year and have commonly chosen to end their Marriage life. A Joint Divorce Petition is documented by the Divorcing couple in the court. In this type of the Divorce Petition, the Terms and Conditions of such a Divorce are come to through an agreeable accord.

Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Divorce by Mutual Consent is filed under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. After the Petition is filed the honorable court allows a 6 months period. The Supreme Court chose that if the marriage is by all accounts totally unsalvageable, the court may defer off this 6 months cooling period. When the cooling time frame is passed, a subsequent movement is recorded and the court concedes a separation. For this situation, the time of 18 months should be finished after the marriage.

Contested Divorce

The initial phase in a Divorce Proceeding is to hire a Divorce Lawyer to speak to your enthusiasm for the court. Next step is Filing a Divorce Petition against your Spouse. To record a Divorce Petition in India, the Divorce Lawyer likewise presents the accompanying archives alongside the Divorce Petition:

  • Annual Tax Statement
  • Personality Proof of the mates
  • Subtleties of their callings
  • Properties or Assets possessed

When the Divorce Petition is heard by the court, it sends a Divorce Notice to the spouse and requests that they must appear in court and answer the Divorce Petition. Affidavits and Vakalatnama is likewise submitted to the court alongside the Divorce Petition.

Steps to apply for divorce in Chennai

Get all the details about the fees and expenses. Payment of the fees is most important since many vakils will never insist or remind. Prepare the budget and payment schedule. Pay the fees on time.

Advocate Fees for divorce cases

Mainly Our attorneys charge reasonable fees for all  family court case filing in Chennai. Of-Course Professional ethics is 100% followed by our advocates. In fact Legal practices in divorce proceedings are not easy like other cases.

Many things involved here such as Emotion, family bonding, family properties. So Not just fees is our motive, self esteem and job satisfaction is our motto.

Best Lawyers for filing Mutual consent divorce

Above all, Couples accepting for divorce in mutual consent basis can get a divorce order in 6 months. Our lawyers are expert in attaining divorce in stipulated time and schedule.

Most of all the Non-resident Indians seek divorce for various purposes. In fact they need fast remedy instead of dragging for many years. Hence Our advocates help the clients who seek mutual consent divorce in Chennai.

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