Criminal Advocates of our firm in Chennai firstly offer the litigation services for Domestic violence.

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Our Divorce lawyers in Chennai offer the best legal services for family disputes basically. Firstly, Most of the people seeking legal separation affect by Cruelty, Desertion and Conversion. In most of the families husband are working in Tamil Nadu. Most of all, women get employment in Metropolitan cities like Chennai easily.

Ladies work in offices as well as in their matrimonial houses too. Probably, Bad treatments of mother in Law and sister in Laws is serious problem for ladies. Furthermore, Alcoholic husband attacks the wife when ever he demands money.


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On the other hand, One can file a domestic violence case under section 498a. Our advocates in Chennai assist in filing those most noteworthy cases.

Most of all, We offer wonderful remedy for those criminal disputes in Families.

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Mostly the acceptance of spouse with Mental Disorder, Leprosy or Venereal Disease is less. In fact, other grounds may be like Renunciation, Not Heard Alive, or No Resumption of Co-habitation. In-spite of that there are various reasons for dislikes of men for women and women for men.

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