Handling the regular legal separation is noway similar as NRI Divorce Cases. Certain process will change and the power of attorney must be given to a dear one. The peace of the person living away from India must be good. They cannot just come to India and attend the hearing and go back to work abroad every time. Find the Best NRI Divorce lawyers in Chennai. Choose the suitable Attorneys for NRI Divorce to learn about the Procedure and Lawyer Fees.

Best Lawyers NRI Divorce cases

Financial freedom – India is the land of education and advancement. Youngsters of the modern India seek professional education that qualifies them to have highly paid jobs. They become capable of themselves at a very young age i.e., at 20 or 21. 

Find the Best NRI Divorce lawyers in Chennai.


They would have been on a job abroad for years, by the time they marry. This financial freedom they enjoy can induce them to free themselves from unwanted relationships. So there is an increase in NRI Divorce cases. Choose the best Lawyers for NRI Divorce cases.

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NRI life without a spouse

Increased acceptance by family– Our families have become broader in their concepts of matrimony to an extent. A lot of families approve of their divorced NRI sons and daughters and have gathered a feeling that they could lead life, (sometimes more peacefully) without a spouse.

Life in metro cities

The life in a metro city teaches people to be less obligated to others. No one is ‘more than enough interested’ in others’ affairs. This paves way to do things solely upon one’s own discretion alone.

Deterioration of moral values

It’s evident from now that there has been a pitfall of values. We no longer cling to the traditional values which once were the corner stones of family life. This moral degradation is a profound reason for increased divorce rates in India.

Stressful modern life

Everything in the modern view is deep rooted in competition. We are strenuously preparing for an ever-winning environment and this requires employees to work 24/7. They are put on pressure by the company and they avenge this frustration and tension on their partner when they get home. Such relationships are not likely to last long.

Transition of gender roles and professional rivalry

In the past, women were ‘supposed’ to rear family while men worked. But modern advancements have brought about striking changes in the roles of women in the society. In a family where both the husband and wife go for work, a lot of problems are likely to arise related to the sharing of household affairs. This could also ignite professional rivalry if the woman earns more.

Whatever may be the reason, it’s a fact that we need to modify our attitudes for the higher good. Moreover, respect for each other is mandatory to have a better outlook of matrimony.

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Grooms and Indian Bride

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Grooms and Indian Bride | Best Advocates for NRI Divorce Cases in Chennai

The act of relationships between Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Grooms and Indian Bride has been seeing a lofty spike for the most recent decade. This continued increment can be credited to the desire of most Indian residents to carry on with a lavish life, which the vast majority of the occasions includes abandoning the nation.

Be that as it may, at that point, that expansion has been seen in the rates for NRI Divorce in India as well. We should attempt to understand why.


Insights have demonstrated that from the 225 ladies from metros who wed NRIs, 25 of them get deserted, or just tricked into giving enormous measure of Dowry (the gifting of costly great to the Groom’s family).

Laws and guidelines by the Government of India

This frightening pattern has seen numerous NGOs and women’s activist gatherings in the nation interest for the implementation of exacting laws and guidelines by the Government of India. while the legal framework has conveyed on this front, the illogical fantasizing by Indian families for a superior, more promising time to come keeps on adding to this pattern.

Pattern of NRI Marriages in India

The pattern of NRI Marriages in India is particularly common in the southern territory of Tamil Nadu. The National Commission for Women in the nation asserts that there are over 1.5 Lakhs ladies who have been left by grooms, making bogus guarantees of make-conviction extravagance and solace, in India.

The main sources for the NRI Divorce paces of NRI couples to increment in India are as per the following:

NRI Family’s social and money related prosperity

In numerous NRI Divorce cases, these husbands to be lie about their family’s social and money related prosperity in their present nation of living arrangement. After doing as such, the defenseless groups of the lady of the hour to-be offer unpleasant sums in endowments as share. After accepting these advantages, the man of the hour (alongside his whole family) vanish without a word.

Hindu Marriage Act of 1956

It has likewise been discovered that a significant number of these NRI grooms are now hitched in either India, or their nation of living arrangement. Whenever wedded under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1956, any consequent association is considered invalid and void, which enables the untrustworthy party to escape sound.

Greater part of the cases end up as Divorces

While parents are, in their own particular manner, hoping to see their girls upbeat, they ought to consider the perplexity and disarray that being evacuated from ones safe place, culture and family can have. Suicides and despondency are normal reactions of this pointlessly regular oversight. The greater part of the cases end up as Divorces.

Choose a good Attorney for NRI Divorce Cases

Choose a good Attorney for NRI Divorce Cases

The issue of NRI Divorce separates in India would not benefit from outside assistance as long as Indian families keep on effectively look for NRI grooms for their daughters. It would help each one of those included to comprehend that the expense of doing so can now and again be not exactly great, awful, and now and again deadly, for their youngster. Choose a good Attorney for NRI Divorce Cases.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ] for Non-Resident Indians Divorce

How to make an appointment with an NRI Divorce Lawyer?

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What are all the Types of Divorce for an NRI?

Basically, there are 2 Divorces.
1. Contested Divorce
2. Mutual Consent Divorce

How much till it will take to get a divorce order?

Normally, you can complete a Contested divorce proceedings in 3 to 15 months based on the other side defense. In case of Mutual consent divorce, you can complete the divorce proceeding in 7 to 15 days if you file a Advance hearing petition. In ordinary process, you can complete the proceedings in 6 months time.

What will be the fees to file a Divorce case for NRI?

The Divorce Lawyers fees will range from Rs30,000/- to 1,50,000/- based on the need of speedy proceeding, time of Attorney consultation and litigation work. 
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