How to find the best Divorce Lawyers for Child custody cases in Chennai?

Just searching a Google or Yahoo alone will not help you. In fact, One must check the advocate by getting a consultation from him. Search for the attorney who is near by.  For the best results the search term for the search engine must be Apt one. To find the most option can be: “Child Custody Lawyer near me“. You can mention the area if you want in a specific locality.

Leading Child custody lawyers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

However, Rajendra Divorce Advocates is a full legal support family court law firm for all family dispute cases. You must meet the Child custody lawyer either court or his office. Moreover, One to one meeting and legal consultation will be always good.

Lawyers for these cases must be having exposure in both Criminal and Civil Laws. At this point, the best Choice is to meet our Legal advisers to get the whole detail of process as well as the Fees.

After the Marriage dissolution of the parents, the CHILD CUSTODY will be :

  • Joint Physical Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Third Party Custody

Joint Physical Custody

Firstly, What is a Joint physical custody ?. Legal custody will be with both the parents. In this cases, Either the father or mother will have the physical custody. This is a new concept which, they arrive in the divorce process or mediation or counselling. The child will reside with the specific parent, In this Case, they will be the primary caretaker of the child.

Sole Custody

Is one of the parent is proved as an abusive person ?. They will be unfit to be a good parent. Here other parent will be granted custody.

Third Party Custody

Both the biological parents will not be given custody of the child. Instead, the court will order the Child Custody to a third person.

Lawyers for Guardianship cases in Chennai

The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890: This is the basic governing law with regards to issues in Child custody and guardianship in India. This applicable for any Child’s religion. Even then, the court also sanctions the secular laws as per the various religions too. Contact leading advocates for Child custody cases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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